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I bought the domain for my app called Vidrio. The app will be on the Mac App Store; the main purpose of the domain is to provide an independent existence for the app. It defines the Bundle ID of the app, provides a privacy policy, and briefly describes the app.

Here are some examples of websites for similar apps:

They’re all static content. The Vidrio site will just have:

Since I’ve used it before (for, I’ll use Firebase. My Firebase app is vidrio-a1248. The site is hosted at The content for the site is in my monorepo, under website/. Firebase hosting doesn’t deploy via git; I have to deploy it separately. This isn’t a big deal.

Adding my domain was painless. I verified domain ownership via a TXT record. Next I added two A records. I waited 30 minutes for the TTL to expire, then was live. Excellently, Firebase handles everything TLS: I didn’t have to generate a CSR, copy-paste anything, or even know about the process.

Here’s the site:

Next, I’ll recreate that App Record on iTunes Connect.

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