Vidrio should have a pause/unpause feature

I would like Vidrio to sit in the user’s menu bar all the time, even when they’re not using it. The UX argument for this is convenience - you don’t have to restart it. The selfish argument is awareness - I want the user to always have Vidrio visible.

The user can leave Vidrio on all the time at the moment. They can turn opacity down to 0%, at which point the program turns off the webcam. But the natural action is to quit the program, instead of turning down the opacity. I want to prompt the user to pause the program instead of quitting.

I’ve implemented this. There’s a bit of subtlety around storing the old opacity when setting it to 0%. An enum type would help here.

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I wrote this because I'm working on simple features for Vidrio 1.1. This post is not associated with my employer. This site is hosted by Netlify (who are great, but I'm not associated with them either).