Vidrio for Windows

I’m making Vidrio for macOS. But Vidrio is more idea than implementation. A knowledgable developer can clone Vidrio in an afternoon. To gain monopoly, I want a monopoly on brand rather than on technology. The monopoly on brand should say: “If you like this idea, use Vidrio. Anything else is a cheap knock-off.” How does one achieve this brand monopoly?

  1. Be first to market.
  2. Make the product slick.
  3. Dominate all markets.

That last point is key. I shouldn’t be tackling other markets right now, since there’s still room to make the macOS version slick. But I want to make it known that I will be tackling those other markets.

The obvious next market is Windows. Windows has around 90% of the desktop market, and I live in a little bubble of Mac users. I believe Windows dominates even in the business market. Lots of businessmen giving presentations from their Windows machines.

(Yes, the mobile market is huge. But how many people give presentations from their phones or tablets?)

To make it known, I’ll just add a little “Download for Windows” button to, saying “Coming soon”, then tackle it later.

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