Vidrio marketing strategy

Vidrio so far has been a “soft launch”. I released it on the Mac App Store, created a website, and told some people at work. To date, I haven’t posted links to the site from anywhere. This has resulted in a few hundred downloads, and a grand total of 21 unique users visiting the site. Thus, nearly everyone is discovering the site through the Mac App Store. There’s a dribble of around 10 downloads per day. Does not look like exponential growth. So most people find Vidrio by browsing the Mac App Store. They don’t find Vidrio by word-of-mouth, or via the website.

At some point I need to change that and drive people to the app from elsewhere. I need to find the right places to promote it. In my bubble, there are:

I’ll curate this list as I think of others.

Before promoting Vidrio, I need to flesh out the website. Currently it really does not say at all what the product is.

I want to work out how to turn Vidrio into a viral marketing tool. The viral model fits Vidrio naturally: people see a presenter using Vidrio, think “that’s cool”, then go download it themselves. For this to happen, the viewer needs to find out that the program is Vidrio. There are a few ways this could happen …

Vidrio Engineering should be the Vidrio blog This is where relevant tech blog posts should go to increase traffic


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