Vidrio promo music

Yesterday I studied the promo video for Framer. The key element of that video is music. If you mute it, it’s not bad, but with music, it’s far more effective.

It’s clear that the video was designed around the music, and not the other way around. I browsed royalty-free music and found a piece which I think can work for a draft of Vidrio’s promo video. It’s here. I’ll design the video around that.

The track is 1:35, but I only want the first 40 seconds ish. I’ll fade it out after that time.

The major transitions are at: 10 seconds, 24 seconds, 37 seconds. A few seconds after the 37 second transition, I’ll fade out.

This means I want the following sections:

  1. 0-10 seconds, intro
  2. 10-24 seconds (14 seconds total)
  3. 24-37 seconds (13 seconds total)
  4. 37+ seconds, outro

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