Vidrio payment server: creating charges

After creating the payment server for Vidrio, I need to get it to handle the Stripe charge request. To do so, I’m using the Stripe Go library.

Here’s a complete example of creating a charge using the Stripe Go library.

package main
import (
func main() {
  stripeClient := &client.API{}
  stripeClient.Init("SECRET_KEY", nil)
  chargeParams := &stripe.ChargeParams{
    Amount: 2000,
    Currency: "usd",
    Desc: "Some description",
  ch, err := stripeClient.Charges.New(chargeParams)
  if err != nil { panic(err) }
  fmt.Printf("OK, %#v\n", ch)

This is now integrated into the payment server. The server creates a Stripe charge based on the POST request from the client on the Vidrio purchase page.

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I wrote this because I've just created a dummy payment server. It should actually handle the payment request. This post is not associated with my employer. This site is hosted by Netlify (who are great, but I'm not associated with them either).