Marketing works!

The other day I submitted Vidrio to /r/macapps. At the time of writing, it has 6 measly upvotes, and 110 views. From those 110 views, I have 9 installs on the Mac App Store, and 11 direct downloads. 20 installs from 110 views seems pretty good.

Then I submitted Vidrio to /r/Mac. It got just 5 upvotes. From here, Vidrio got 146 installs on the Mac App Store, and around 200 direct installs.

This is after a long period of zero or one installs per day on the Mac App Store. 5 upvotes on Reddit can get 350 installs. Marketing works.

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I wrote this because I want to improve Vidrio's marketing before going to town. This post is not associated with my employer. This site is hosted by Netlify (who are great, but I'm not associated with them either).