I've given some talks at conferences and meetups.

If you'd like me to talk at your event, let me know.

I've also made a few screencasts, some of which were preparations for talks and conferences.

2018-11-15: How to count at scale at Redis Day London 2018

I gave this talk at Redis Day London 2018.

2018-09-13: Don’t say ‘simply’, at Write the Docs 2018, Prague

Pusher kindly paid for me to travel to Prague for Write the Docs 2018. I gave my talk Don’t Say “Simply”, which you can watch here:

2018-01-23: Don’t say “simply”, at Write The Docs London


2017-08-17: Golang’s realtime garbage collector at GolangUK

I gave this talk with Will Sewell at GolangUK.

2017-07-21: Golang’s realtime garbage collector at GoWayFest, Minsk

Will Sewell and I gave our “Go garbage collector” talk at GoWayFest in Minsk. We met quite a few people, such as Elena Grahovac who hosts The Golang Show, Yuras Shumovich who already knew us from our GHC garbage collector blog post, and Eugene Bolt, the first non-UK Vidrio user I’ve met. It was a one-day conference on Friday, but Will and I were out Thursday to Sunday, so we got to do some tourism. On Saturday, we were invited to Juno’s VIP area at a rock festival, “Rock Za Bobrov”. We travelled via Kiev both ways. Minsk was surprisingly orderly (it’s the “Russian Las Vagas” run by a semi-dictator obsessed with cleanliness) whereas Kiev was a bit of a Wild West.

2017-07-05: The Fisher Tree at The Realtime Guild

Presentation slides

Code on GitHub

Original link to the talk, now broken:

2017-04-06: What is go tool trace?

I made this screencast about go tool trace to complement this blog post about go tool trace that Will Sewell wrote at Pusher. The screencast is embedded in the blog post. I plan to make more of these.

2017-03-10: Golang’s realtime garbage collector at Not On The High Street Conference

After Will Sewell and I gave our “Golang’s realtime garbage collector” talk at The Realtime Guild, Zan Markan (our colleague) referred us to Nic Jackson who works at Not On The High Street. They were organising a little internal conference, “NotHSCon”, in their Richmond office.

2017-02-15: Golang’s realtime garbage collector, at The Realtime Guild

Given with Will Sewell.