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Golang’s realtime garbage collector at GoWayFest, Minsk

Will Sewell and I gave our “Go garbage collector” talk at GoWayFest in Minsk. We met quite a few people, such as Elena Grahovac who hosts The Golang Show, Yuras Shumovich who already knew us from our GHC garbage collector blog post, and Eugene Bolt, the first non-UK Vidrio user I’ve met. It was a one-day conference on Friday, but Will and I were out Thursday to Sunday, so we got to do some tourism. On Saturday, we were invited to Juno’s VIP area at a rock festival, “Rock Za Bobrov”. We travelled via Kiev both ways. Minsk was surprisingly orderly (it’s the “Russian Las Vagas” run by a semi-dictator obsessed with cleanliness) whereas Kiev was a bit of a Wild West.

What can computers do? What are the limits of mathematics? And just how busy can a busy beaver be? This year, I’m writing Busy Beavers, a unique interactive book on computability theory. You and I will take a practical and modern approach to answering these questions — or at least learning why some questions are unanswerable!

It’s only $19, and you can get 50% off if you find the discount code ... Not quite. Hackers use the console!

After months of secret toil, I and Andrew Carr released Everyday Data Science, a unique interactive online course! You’ll make the perfect glass of lemonade using Thompson sampling. You’ll lose weight with differential equations. And you might just qualify for the Olympics with a bit of statistics!

It’s $29, but you can get 50% off if you find the discount code ... Not quite. Hackers use the console!

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