What is the Apple Store release process?

I made an app called Vidrio. It’s a macOS app, and it’s going to be available on the Mac App Store. Just like this example (Numbers, an app made by Apple). I’ve never released to the App Store before.

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Step 1 is to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. The Apple Developer Program lets you publish apps to all stores for all Apple operating systems: macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS. I enrolled back in October, but since paused the project. I’m picking it up again now.

Step 2, according to the diagram, is to develop the app. This is done - at least, it’s an MVP. A possible remaining task is to monetize the app. I wish to use a subscription model for it. I don’t know how to do this, and I’ll cover it in another post.

Step 3: the diagram tells me to create an “App Record” using iTunes Connect. iTunes Connect is the central location for tracking “apps” in the Apple ecosystem. Behold how far from a music player iTunes has become. I registered an App Record last year, but I need to do it again. My bundle ID uses the domain vidrioapp.com, but recently I bought vidr.io, which I am going to use as the official domain. Before doing this, I’m going to set up a holding site at vidr.io. I’ll describe this in a future post.

Step 4: upload the app. This sounds trivial. Step 5, “beta testing”, sounds skippable. Step 6, “submitting”, sounds trivial, but this is where App Review comes into play; I’ll describe App Review in a future post. Step 7, “releasing”, also sounds trivial.

My main work is around:

Next step today: bring up a placeholder website.

I just released Vidrio, a free app for macOS and Windows to make your screen-sharing awesomely holographic. Vidrio shows your webcam video on your screen, just like a mirror. Then you just share or record your screen with Zoom, QuickTime, or any other app. Vidrio makes your presentations effortlessly engaging, showing your gestures, gazes, and expressions. #1 on Product Hunt. Available for macOS and Windows.

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