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I have a few “permanent” pages on this blog. An example is the /speaking page. I used to maintain this page as a separate static HTML page: every time I did a talk, I would edit the page.

I’ve changed tactic. Now, the talks page is generated from all blog posts tagged with talk. Those posts are embedded in the page, resulting in a list of videos. The advantages are clear:

I think this principle can be extended to other “permanent” pages. For example, I’d like to maintain a /projects page, giving a short description of each project (such as Vidrio, The Realtime Guild, Strip Casino, ...). Each description could be taken as the content of the latest post with { "project": "vidrio", "tags": ["project_description", ...] }. This would encourage re-writing the description each time I want to update it. I think this is a good thing!

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