Moving pictures

I used to have an image of me on the homepage and on the side of each post. I’ve upgraded it to a video of me standing still. It’s a moving picture. Just like in Harry Potter. My hope is that this “moving picture” is more engaging than a photo. You have to stare for a while to discover what’s in the video.

My partner filmed me for 30 seconds. Using Premiere, I trimmed 10 seconds out of this, then did the classic looping video trick: play it, then play it in reverse. This trick works very well for such a video where nothing happens. I embedded this video with:

<video autoplay loop src="..." ...></video>

It’s not the best video, but it’s a proof of concept. I’ll make a few more videos of the same kind. I’d like the video to be more subtly moving, so at first it’s mistaken for an image. I’d also like a higher quality video, at least 256px square. Also, I need a haircut.

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