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How to name a product with reduplication

How do you name a product, or a company? One approach is to generate “babble” - sounds made by babies. Here’s one cluster of names:

The most important pattern in babble is reduplication, or repetition of syllables. Think of the words “mama”, “papa”, “dada”, which are near-universal and derive from babble.

“Mama” and “papa” are exact reduplications, but the cluster of names above uses ablaut reduplication. This means it varies the syllable by changing the the vowel. The first vowel is usually “i”, and the second vowel is never “i”. Consider how wrong the inversions sound, such as “Tac Tic” or “Dug Dig”.

The consonants tend to be those most commonly used in babble. Wikipedia says these are pbtdkgmnshwj. They’re mostly the stop consonants tdkgpb, i.e. those in which airflow is completely blocked.

The above group uses ablaut reduplication, but there are other kinds of reduplication. Rhyming reduplication modifies the first consonant, instead of the vowel. Here are some examples from the rhyming reduplication cluster:

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