On that flickering blur in Chrome

backdrop-filter: blur is a popular design for navbars. But it’s unusable in its current state, due to its flickery appearance in Chrome. Here’s an example:

A heading

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Nav with a blurred background

In Chrome, notice how even a 1px scroll can cause the color to completely change. Here’s a recording:

Here’s the general problem: a blur operation, at the edges of the image, needs to know what the content is outside the image. The correct approach would be to give the blur filter enough of the background content to work with. But in Chrome, the blur is only given the pixels immediately behind the element. So, as a hack, the blur must guess what the content is outside the nav. Wikipedia calls this “edge handling”.

Chrome seems to take the extend strategy: it guesses that the pixels at the edge of the background image extend infinitely in all directions. This is why the blur flickers so much: a tiny scroll causes the edge pixels to change, which causes the extended pixels to completely change.

One better edge-handing strategy is mirroring. Mirroring is better because, even though it’s inaccurate, it results in smoother transitions.

Neither Firefox nor Safari have this problem, although I’m not sure which approach they take to edge handling.

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