Cloning Spaceteam

Spaceteam is a multiplayer cooperative game which simulates a team of people operating a spaceship by manipulating the widgets on its deck. Each player uses their mobile. Their screen shows their individual piece of the spaceship’s deck. Each player always has an instruction at the top of the screen. The instructions may be for other players; thus the team have to communicate by shouting out instructions. Hilarity ensues from the stupid names of the widgets and the ineffectiveness of the team’s communication.

The game works over WiFi. The apps discover each other if they are on the same WiFi network. I thought it would be fun to recreate the game as a web app using WebRTC. But before this, let’s recreate it using Pusher. This would have a “channel” per game. So each player communicates with every other player by publishing to the channel. From here, we can convert the game to WebRTC with the same model: each client, instead of publishing to the channel, will send to every other player in the game using a DataChannel.

Let’s first strip the game down to its bare essentials:

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