Should I buy Huel or Joylent?

A while back I bought some Huel, copying some colleagues. I’ve finally got through it. Now I want to buy some more, but first let’s look at the competition.

There’s a wide range:

               UK?  Vegan?  £/meal  Flavors        Result
Huel           Y    Y       £1.47   Vanilla, none
Soylent        N    Y       £1.55   none           Not in UK; more expensive
Joylent        Y    N       £1.43   quite a few    cheaper; but not vegan
Joylent vegan  Y    Y       £1.43   quite a few    cheaper, vegan, a few flavors
Mana                                               [Not researched]
Jake                                               [Not researched]

Of those, Huel and Joylent’s vegan version stand out. I’ve gone for Joylent vegan.

The Joylent T&Cs are a bit scary. Apparently we’re now legally friends. I wonder if these things have been read out in court yet.

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