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Until now, my blog has been entirely uncategorized. The subjects on this blog have several audiences, and it’s hard to reach each audience without categorization. For example, I would like to auto-post to relevant subreddits based on the post’s category. I would also like visitors to be able to subscribe to some categories and not others. I could have category-specific RSS feeds (e.g. /feeds/programming.xml). People could subscribe for web push notifications for my “favorite” posts.

I’ve started using Jekyll’s “tags” feature. To tag a post, add it to the front matter. For example, this post is tagged as:

title: "Adding blog tags"
tags: ["blog"]

I list these tags at the bottom of each post, using

  {% for tag in page.tags %}{{tag}}{% if forloop.last == false %}, {% endif %}{% endfor %}.

You could also use the tags in a <meta name="keywords" content="..."/> tag. But the keywords tag is questionable.

Jekyll also provides a “category” feature. I’m not sure what the value of “categories” is; it seems like “tags” are strictly more versatile. Is this blog post in category “blog” or should it have the tag “blog”? I’m avoiding these philosophical questions and only using tags.

A future step is to make these tags interactive. Click through to an index page for each tag. Add an RSS feed for each tag. Click to subscribe via web push.

Tagged #blog.

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