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Until now, my blog has been entirely uncategorized. The subjects on this blog have several audiences, and it’s hard to reach each audience without categorization. For example, I would like to auto-post to relevant subreddits based on the post’s category. I would also like visitors to be able to subscribe to some categories and not others. I could have category-specific RSS feeds (e.g. /feeds/programming.xml). People could subscribe for web push notifications for my “favorite” posts.

I’ve started using Jekyll’s “tags” feature. To tag a post, add it to the front matter. For example, this post is tagged as:

title: "Adding blog tags"
tags: ["blog"]

I list these tags at the bottom of each post, using

  {% for tag in page.tags %}{{tag}}{% if forloop.last == false %}, {% endif %}{% endfor %}.

You could also use the tags in a <meta name="keywords" content="..."/> tag. But the keywords tag is questionable.

Jekyll also provides a “category” feature. I’m not sure what the value of “categories” is; it seems like “tags” are strictly more versatile. Is this blog post in category “blog” or should it have the tag “blog”? I’m avoiding these philosophical questions and only using tags.

A future step is to make these tags interactive. Click through to an index page for each tag. Add an RSS feed for each tag. Click to subscribe via web push.

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